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Do you believe that education today is meaningful, effective, relevant and affordable and should be?

Therefore AGEM

The immediacy of performance feedback is a critical factor in learning. Technology can facilitate low latency feedback of performance and becomes therefore a critical factor in the quality, speed and consistency of learning.

The Need for Change

Between a child entering school and entering the workforce a period of 1-2 decades will elapse. Hence, the child must be prepared for managing change.

Looking Ahead

Before the end of this second decade of the 21st Century, we look to an educational system that is arbitrated centrally in terms of basic skills and learning processes but has a wealth of diversity in terms of what is studied, how the gift of each child is identified, explored and developed.

Ever Wondered !

Why are students so inclined to play by the rules of the game on the playing field and rebellious of regulation in the classroom?

Is this phenomenon connected to the opportunity to make their own decisions, resolve conflict in their own ways, and manage their own environment on the playing field?

If responsible decision making is the differentiator between adults and children, then where does the child – the budding adult - acquire these skills if all decisions in school are made for her?


Learning, Schooling and the Brain: New Research vs. Old Assumptions


This is the title of a new publication that seeks to improve the learning experience for students by encouraging educators to consider the current mismatch between school practices and what neuroscientists are discovering about how people learn.

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