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AGEM Approach


Traditional Approach

Lesson plans leverage the value of instant feedback from the feedback device.


Lesson plans reflect the limitations of the individual teachers.

Instant feedback of the performance of every student is available without identifying the student publicly.


Feedback is only verbally obtained for a few students when directly questioned by the teacher.

Each student typically answers about 20 questions in each lesson. Each question is analysed in the classroom, and archived to form the basis for regular reports.


Few questions are asked, even fewer students answer and there is no record of student answers. All interactions are verbal, and not participative.

The responses are analyzed and each student is guided into better performance.


Homework is rarely done individually by the student and is a poor indicator of performance. It increases the work load of the teacher and the outcomes are rarely used for remediation.

Analysis of student and class performance is a daily process.


High stakes exams are conducted after several months and are rarely analyzed for remedial effect.

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