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  Looking Ahead
  Looking Ahead

Before the end of this second decade of the 21st Century, we look to an educational system that is arbitrated centrally in terms of basic skills and learning processes but has a wealth of diversity in terms of what is studied, how the gift of each child is identified, explored and developed.

Several years of hourly performance data archived by AGEM will provide unparalleled tools for career guidance, university or vocational institute selection and for identifying broad matters of national policy on the basis of a broad swathe of data delivered by young people across the region.

The provision of AGEM services will permit children in widely scattered regions to compile research data on issues ranging from the categorization of medicinal plants to the modulation of language patterns.

AGEM will become a forum where policy makers, academics, professionals and social workers, and students from across the region will join together to produce outstanding materials for dissemination into the education system in accordance with the templates defined by AGEM

More than anything, children liberated from boredom into the excitement of learning and discovery will educate parents into sustainable patterns of living.

Teachers liberated from the need for control will gain self esteem and in turn will take up the task of developing with each child, his or her gift, for every child is gifted in different ways and it is our task as educators to help the child flower into it.

Urban migration will reverse as technology brings to the village the three constituents that will fill the voids of primary and adult education, entertainment, and jobs.

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