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  Need for Change
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  The Need For Change

Between a child entering school and entering the workforce a period of 1-2 decades will elapse. Hence, the child must be prepared for managing change. Those entering the work force now already require higher order skills such as modeling solutions, measuring sensitivity of results, decision making, critical thinking, interdisciplinary multitasking, and emotional management. These needs will only become more sophisticated over time.
In today’s context schooling systems should be providing a sound educational foundation rather than skills in replicating information. Education is not information, nor is it the capacity to retain information. Education is more about the capability to acquire and analyze data, present conclusions, and persuade with balanced argument.

Consequently, decision making is an increasingly important attribute of professional competence and is best acquired while the child is at school. Regrettably, the  one attribute denied children in school is the opportunity to make decisions. In many homes, the same attribute is dominant.
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