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AGEM as a company is made up of six eclectic individuals who come from varying backgrounds and fields. The teams core competencies range from Ferro Alloy Manufacturing and Hydro power generation through hardware/software design and development to Academia and education. The AGEM team has been involved in research into school education, technologies and processes needed for the past 15 years. Hence the approach to education is embedded in relevance in academia and industry. The profiles of the team are detailed below.


Dr. Samar J.Singh :

Head Research
A PhD from the University of Wales, Samar is the chief architect of AGEM. With more than 25 years in academia, he has worked extensively in the field of education in India, China, Sweden, the United States and Hong Kong. He has been involved in several areas of research and has authored more than 40 publications. He has taken up consultancy assignments with Governments, UN Organizations, University of Cambridge International Examinations and Universities. After returning to India, he started two prominent schools in Bangalore. At AGEM, he spearheads the core business of the Company and is actively involved in formulating key strategic initiatives, as well as content design and creation.


Mr. Teyjas Schae :

Mentor - Business Operations
An MBA in International Business Administration, Teyjas  brings  to the table a wide exposure in varied businesses  such as renewable energy, education, real estate, steel & Ferro alloy production and mining. He has been active in key strategic initiatives and currently heads the business development and finance function at AGEM.


Ms. Gillian Simpson, PG(Engg) :

Head Hardware Division
A post graduate in engineering from the UK, Gareth specializes in designing and developing hardware solutions. With over 15 years of experience, Gareth has been closely associated with AGEM in providing hardware and other technology related support and solutions. He also runs a small yet competent hardware design company in the UK and travels to India frequently.


Mr. Karthik Ayyar :

Mentor - Software Development

A software graduate from the University of Minnesota, Karthik comes with an impressive track record in software space having founded enmail.com. He has also worked extensively with IIT Chennai with whom he started OOPS. Karthik has been associated with AGEM for more than a decade providing technical and software facilitation support and advice.


Mr. Manu Patel :

Head - Training Operations

A Bachelors in IT and E-business from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Manu spearheads the operations and corporate communications functions .He works closely with Samar to ensure that the vision of AGEM actually takes shape on ground. He is immensely experienced and has more than six years experience in client servicing, operations, IT, education, and the manufacturing sector.


Mr. R. S. Anand, MBA(Cyprus) :

Head - Logistics & Maintenance  
An entrepreneur who has been involved in several ventures across the country, Anand specializes in organizing operations across geographies. He has a large network and his work with Round Table has been notable particularly in the provision of schools for the poor.


Mr. Anubhav Khanduja, BE :

Head - Software development  
Anubhav brings a sophisticated understanding of the software technologies that AGEM will be using in its work. He is a graduate from BITS Pilani and has a history of work in the the software design of stock market tools and Internet gaming.

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