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  Technology and Processes  

To create the mutually respectful exchange of ideas that our philosophy annunciates, AGEM has created a triangle of influence. At the apex of this triangle lie our feedback devices which provide wireless connectivity that allows all data input by the student to be captured and analysed. On one vertex of the triangle lies our specially made content which allows the robust transfer of core concepts, and then takes children through small increments of learning facilitated by the quality of materials that AGEM generates. Our analysis of data from the feedback devices forms the remaining vertex of the triangle. At the centre of this triangle where each vertex is connected to the other two lies the teacher, whose task it is to generate the conversations that ensue when the students see the performance of the class exhibited in graphic form – many types of graphic forms – so that no child is disrespected by identification but occasionally, very occasionally, a truly excellent performer is identified by the teacher.

There is much more that underpins the AGEM formula. There are sensors we produce so students capture and analyze data, projects that students do that build the breadth and depth of understanding, but most importantly, AGEM retains a profile of performance so that we can help every child to identify, explore and nurture his or her individual gift for we believe every child is gifted.
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